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What comes to mind when you think of outreach and charity?

Maybe the question made you think of providing aid to those in great need, or even sharing information, services or personal connections that people might not otherwise have access to?

One of the challenges many churches feel is how to connect well with the community in which God has placed them.

Gainsborough Methodist Church has always been involved in charitable work and outreach within the local community, nationally and abroad.

Our premises are used by a number of local clubs and groups and our church members often organise fundraising events to provide support to a number of charitable causes.

( For those interested in providing financial aid for the people of the Ukraine then please be aware that Collection Envelopes will be available this week at GMC. )

Overall, we do what we can and attempt to offer continued support to our regular local, national and international appeals which are detailed on this page.


Gainsborough Foodbank Logos


Our members attempt to support the Local Food Bank within the town that is currently run by the Gainsborough Salvation Army.

During the year GMC provides items to the Food Bank and at times of great need such as Christmas we organise further appeals.

The Food Bank is open for donations during the following times:

  • Mondays - 10:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Wednesdays - 10:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Fridays - 10:00AM to 1:00PM

The Salvation Army,
Beaumont Street,
DN21 2ER.

Please be aware that the Salvation Army only accept telephone referrals regarding those requiring Food Bank aid.

Contact - Capt. Wendy Brown @ ☏ 01427 616353

Food Bank collections are continuing at GMC and please note at this time the following donation items are greatly required:

  • UHT Milk
  • Baked Beans
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Dried Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Tinned Ham / Corned Beef / Luncheon Meat
  • Custard (Tins or Packets)
  • Biscuits
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Super Noodles / Pot Noodles

Just Giving Gainsborough Logo


Just Giving Gainsborough is a Facebook group that runs raffles, supplies aid parcels, and offers free items posted by the group members that be collected by those in need of them - "It is a free group for people in need, for people to gift and people to receive."

During the year GMC attempts to offer what support we can and at times of great need such as Christmas we organise appeals and events, then donate some items to the group so that they can be included in aid parcels.

If you wish to take part in the raffles or have any unwanted items that you can spare then please consider joining the group ...

Facebook logo Just Giving Gainsborough.
Team Parish Gainsborough & Morton Logo


With the help of Hope Beyond run by the All Churches Trust the Simple Lunches Initiative began.

Since then the Team Parish of Gainsborough & Morton has provided the Gainsborough Community with a good meal for only a £2.50 donation. Many of our Members attend to receive a "Hearty Lunch", companionship and a good chat with a range of people.

  • 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month - 11:30AM to 2:00PM

St George's Hall
Heapham Road
DN21 2JE.

For further information please contact:
Parish Administrator @ ☏ 07395 942778
Fiona Norton @ ☏ 01427 6238221


All We Can Logo


All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain have launched an emergency appeal in response to events unfolding in Ukraine.

As the Ukraine communities face violence, upheaval, and the trauma of war, both GMC members and others around the Wolds and Trent Circuit are attempting to provide some of the urgent support that is needed.

Working together with the Global Relationships Team of the Methodist Church in Britain, donations will be used to support the response to the crisis unfolding in Ukraine, and ensure that critical humanitarian assistance is available to those who need it.

Bible Society Logo


Working in over 200 countries, the Bible Society is a charity on a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child. They wish to help people to engage with it, relate to it and make sense of it.

The Society believes that when people engage with the Bible, lives can change – for good.

For several years GMC has helped with this by collecting 5p coins. £5 buys a bible that can be provided to someone that needs it. We have a target of 24 Bibles this year!

If you can help then please donate your 5p coins ...

Embrace the Middle East Logo


Embrace supports their partners in the Middle East as they work to transform lives and restore the dignity of the most excluded and marginalised communities.

Where there is a need – for refuge, a home, for health care, for education, for justice and human rights then the Embrace organisation responds.

For several years GMC has supported the organisation by asking people to donate their spare change. If you can help with this then please place what you can spare into the jar within the Main Worship Area.

If you have any questions then please see Joan Smithson.

Friends of Matthew Rusike Children's Home Logo


Matthew Rusike Children’s Home is a non-government Institution which cares for orphaned and vulnerable children within Zimbabwe. They house roughly 120 children, and the organisation aids around 1000 children in the community with help ranging from food and blankets to medicine and school fees.

With the deepening economic crisis in Zimbabwe, the number of children referred to the Home is rising and the need for financial support is growing, therefore the Friends of Matthew Rusike Children's Home attempt to raise whatever they can. Within the church we attempt to help with simple raffles and other fundraising attempts.

If you have any questions or wish to provide a regular donation or perhaps even sponsor one of the children then please contact Joan Sanger @ ☏ 01427 848636.

Leprosy Mission Logo


Leprosy is a preventable and curable disease, but millions of people around the world live with the effects of the disease including physical disability, mental health problems, poverty and discrimination.

The Leprosy Mission works in 28 countries attempting to diagnose and treat sufferers, fund pioneering research, care for the disabled, and fight stigma and advocate change.

For several years GMC has helped with this by collecting used postage stamps which can be recycled by the organisation to fund their work. Please ensure that there is a little backing around the stamps and deposit them in the box in the Church Foyer.

MAF Logo


Throughout the World there are a number of communities that live in the most isolated, inhospitable places.

Within these areas natural disasters, conflict or famine strikes hard and in medical emergencies the nearest hospital can be a few days walk or an uncomfortable drive on rough roads. Within these situations sometimes the use of aviation is the only safe way to reach people on the ground.

For over 75 years, Mission Aviation Fellowship has been flying light aircraft over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts. They enable more than 2,000 aid, development and mission organisations to bring medical care, emergency relief, supplies to aid long-term development and spirital hope and connection to thousands of communities.

For several years GMC has helped MAF to fly the extra mile by collecting unwanted postcards for them to sell to raise funds. Please deposit postcards in the box in the Church Foyer.

Operation Christmas Child Logo


The mission of Operation Christmas Child run by Samaritan's Purse is to provide God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. Each year they provides Shoe Box gifts that have been prepared by supporters such as ourselves to children in more than 100 countries.

National Collection week occurs in Mid-November and Samaritan's Purse ask that along with each packed Shoe Box a donation of £5 is included to cover shipping costs.

For the 2021 appeal 51 Shoe Boxes left GMC. Many will be delivered to the organisation's 1000 Island initiative in the South Pacific.

If you have any questions or wish to help with future appeals please contact Nicola Golland @ ☏ 01427 810305.