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The 1st Gainsborough Girls' Brigade company is open to a range of ages and follows a programme beginning with the N:vestigate age group (starting at four years of age) through N:gage, N:counta and N:spire.

We meet on Fridays, (during term time), in the upstairs Hall at the Gainsborough Methodist Church.

  • N:vestigate (5 - 8 yrs) - 6:30 - 7:45PM
  • N:gage (7 - 11 yrs) - 6:30 - 7:45PM
  • N:counta (10 - 14 yrs) - 7:00 - 9:00PM
  • N:spire (13 - 18 yrs) - 7:00 - 9:00PM

(At present our meetings have been put on hold due to the Pandemic, but we hope to recommence our activities soon!)

The company is staffed by volunteers but other costs arise. These include obligatory insurance cover and often the purchase of materials for the activities.

For these reasons the company charges all girls a subscription - currently £1.50 a week.

To discuss the opportunities available at the Girls' Brigade in Gainsborough please contact the Team Leader: Nicola Golland @ ☏ 01427 810305.


For some more information about the Girls' Brigade organisation within the UK please visit

The motto of the Girls' Brigade is - "Seek, Serve & Follow Christ".

Therefore an important part of working with the girls involves providing them with the opportunity to experience Jesus, and truly come to know what it means in their own lives to seek, serve and follow him.

Through this, we also achieve our main aim - "Girls' lives transformed; God's world enriched".

Our Girls work through a range of activities and badge work based around fun, fellowship, and discipleship. There are four specific themes that are covered to ensure that the Girls achieve their awards/badges:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Educational
  • Social

These words spell "SPES" which is Latin for "Hope".

We believe that each girl in Girls' Brigade is a hope for the future and we try to ensure that overall we work towards the goal that each member has a chance to do new and different things, challenge themselves and gain recognition for their achievements.


We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment, so we follow the Safeguarding and Child Protection policies of the Church (that can be read on the Resources page) and all workers have the required DBS checks and have undertaken the correct and appropriate training.